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Shailendra Shukla this side, I have worked for 8 years in corporate companies and also in small firms. At first when I was around 22 years old I reached to Indore (MP) and joined a Call center in 2010 that was my first job and after that I worked for many companies for a long time but after working of this long period I was never satisfied with Salary and Job both at a time. 

On that time at the age of 22nd to 25th Years I saw that one of the Head of our department was drawing a very good salary of around 0.89 Lakh/month and I intended to be the same but over span of time I came o know that he is getting this salary after spending 35-40 years in the same working field in different roles.

According to my experience making career in corporate by doing the same job for years and years and keep running in the Rat Race you will have to fight everyone and take daily challenges to make your task perfect and help your boss have a big and new car every year and also ask for appraisal of 6-8% with extraordinary performance.

Whether I have also met with the people who choose the business (whether it’s small or big no matter) instead of doing job are standing alone from the crowd of RAT Race and having handsome amount of money and properties as well.

It proves that Business is 100% better that regular job. If you are giving 100% to your business or passion times of 5 years it will make your career but in 5 years of job definitely you could not have your own house.

Govt. job is a better option if you are not interested in doing your own business and If you are in a reputed Govt. organization/Sector then it’s like you are star in the society.

About Sarkari Naukri And Result

A short story behind creation of website.

The reason behind creation of website is my passion “Blogging”. I am passionate about blogging and I would love to have you informed about latest Sarkari Naukri (Govt. Jobs) and Highly paying remote (Work from home) jobs.

There is an issue also as we don’t land to a trusted and reliable source during the time when we are searching for Central Govt. jobs, State Govt. Jobs, Other Sarkari Naukri because we neither have understanding of that we don’t need to be dependent on the book shops and advertisements displayed on their board where they sell employment newspapers and forms. 

You have to go to the shops to know that what are the latest and current openings of Sarkari Naukri (Govt. jobs) and some times you visit and see the board till then a Sarkari Naukri (Govt. jobs) is closed so it’s time to switch to online job posting website like Sarkari Naukri And Result.  Website is accessible any time on Computer/ Laptop or mobile so take a move towards digital world and don’t let your dream job pass away. 

I would be happy if you could land to a Sarkari Naukri (Govt. Job) with the help of this website Sarkari Naukri And Result.  The task of keeping you update about current Sarkari Naukri on daily basis is not easy it’s time taking and full of responsibility but I would love to do.